Report: Kansas City Chiefs interested in trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles

The Eagles should be able to make an honest evaluation on whether Nick Foles will be their starting quarterback next season. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, the Kansas City Chiefs are interested in trading for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

Garafolo's report comes after the announcement that the Birds signed former Oregon Ducks quarterback Dennis Dixon, who spent his first three NFL seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, to a two-year contract. Dixon played quarterback at Oregon while new Eagles coach Chip Kelly was the Ducks' offensive coordinator.

The report states that "the Chiefs and new coach Andy Reid are interested in acquiring Foles if he becomes available, according to a person informed of the team's thinking."

"The person informed of the Chiefs' plans said the Eagles have not told Kansas City that Foles is available," Garafolo writes.

Kelly recently said there would be "an open competition" between Foles and Michael Vick. That came before the signing of Dixon who, like Vick, is a mobile quarterback more suited to run Kelly's system.

So will the Eagles trade Foles? Garafolo says it seems unlikely.

"It appears what the Eagles are saying publicly about Foles — that they like his skill set and believe he can run Kelly's offense — is sincere, so it's unlikely he'll be made available for a trade anytime soon."

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